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5 High Mill Voyage to Gallipoli

The voyage to Gallipoli

One of our Scottish projects has been run from Low Parks Museum in Hamilton, near Glasgow, based on the history of The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 7th and 8th Battalions, and the Lanarkshire Yeomanry; Squadrons A,B and C.  The Cameronians went out to Gallipoli in May 1915, arriving on the 14th of June.  The Yeomanry went out on the 26th of September, arriving on the 11th of October.

Gallipoli is etched into the history of The Cameronians.  The battle of Gully Ravine on the 28th June marks the single greatest loss of men, on any one day during the entire First World War for The Cameronians. So great were their losses that the two battalions became one for the remainder of their time on the peninsula. They also brought up the rear of the evacuation, being amongst the last to leave on the night of the  8th/9th of January. (The Yeomanry had left on the 31st of December). See an excellent 8 minute film telling the story of The Cameronians at Gallipoli here.

The museum worked with nine local primary schools. Workshops in the museum with costumed interpreters gave the children a feel for what the soldiers went through during recruitment and training, before going off to Gallipoli. Back in school the children looked at the story in more depth. Some pupils worked on a coordinated comic strip following the story right through to the evacuation. Others did creative writing activities, recreating letters and postcards sent home by the soldiers. Download a PDF of the project’s links to the Curriculum for Excellence here and read the evaluation report here.

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