Resource pack

This whole website is an educational resource, with points for discussion and ideas from schools on how they have approached the study of Gallipoli. However, we have included the resources on this page to help teachers introduce the project and get to grips with some of the main issues. The pack was written for us by Julian Vayne, who coordinated the educational projects in Devon, in consultation with teachers there. The resources are intended for secondary and post-16 students, although primary teachers may find ideas for class activities. Click on the links below to download the resources.

Information for teachers

Available in Word and PDF formats, this includes:

  • Whole class activities, including quizzes and mapping
  • Activities for smaller groups, including discussions of aspects of the Campaign and international perspectives and suggestions for interpreting and presenting the projects
  • Ideas for individual learning, based on research using this and other websites.
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Learning Resources (PDF)

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Learning Resources (Word)

Introductory PowerPoint Presentations

Background. A 12-slide illustrated presentation with notes, covering the causes and course of the Campaign.

Aspects. A 13-slide illustrated presentation with notes, covering Myths and Legends, Propaganda, Women, Prisoners and Burying the Dead.

Images. A 20-slide presentation using archive photos.

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Background to the Gallipoli Campaign

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Aspects of the Gallipoli Campaign

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Images of the Gallipoli Campaign