Getting started

What makes a successful school project?

A successful school project based on the Gallipoli Campaign should have two elements:

  • Stories of real people who took part, from research into family or local history.  This is what will turn a dry historical study into a living story.  One of the aims of this project is to connect students in different schools and different countries, so the personal stories can be put into a modern context as well.  See our Researching Gallipoli soldiers section for guidelines on online research.
  • A curriculum focus which fits in with the school’s wider learning agendas. Schools do not need to use a History focus; indeed creative approaches lead to emotional engagement while also forcing students to learn the history to support their research.  Also, with the international dimension of the Campaign, and its legacy in 20th century history, a Global Citizenship focus works very well.

Robin Clutterbuck introduces the Gallipoli Centenary Education Project