Bay House School Gosport: After the trip

On returning from the visit to Gallipoli, the students were asked what were their strongest memories.  Click on the images to see some of their thoughts.

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Drama workshop

The students also attended a Fluid Motion drama workshop at the Submarine Museum.  Here the actor describes the activity and the learning outcomes.

Notes from Leigh Johnstone, actor

First of all I showed the group my one man WW1 Submariner show which
gives an account of how I joined the Navy, was put on minesweepers first of all
and then joined the submarine service. Then I give an account of what it’s like
on a submarine, take them through personal possessions and talk about my
duties as a stoker. I then speak about the first and only mission I had been on
which was to support HMS B11 during the early stages of the Dardanelles
Then the group started the workshop with some drama games and a warm up
and then started creating some still images based on emotions of their trip to
Gallipoli. Then we brought them to life with a simple word or sound that was
associated with the image. Then the group picked a moment from their trip to
Gallipoli to work on, they choose a story they had heard about some New
Zealand soldiers stuck in trenches only a few feet away from the Ottomans
(forgive me if I don’t get all these details correct). The group were moved by the
way in which wave after wave of men were sent over to be mown down,
reminiscent of the Western Front but not as well remembered.
They used this idea to create three still images of the start, middle and end of
the scene, Focusing on body language, emotion and facial expressions. The
group then brought it to life and I told them that they had to have one moment
of slow motion, repetitive movement (to reflect the wave after wave of men
going over) and a sound. They came up with a brilliantly simple and moving
scene, with drumming and the odd scream to emphasise the horrors and the

Outcomes for students involved in the session were:

  • Becoming familiar with the bigger picture of submarines and the
    submarine campaign of the Dardanelles
  • Exploring the impact of drama to help develop understanding of Gallipoli
  • Evaluating their experiences in Gallipoli and reflecting constructively on
    what they have learnt
  • Being inspired by stimuli to express and communicate ideas, thoughts
    and feeling through drama

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