Bay House School, Gosport: Listen to what the students thought

The visit to Gallipoli had a profound effect on the students.  Listen to some of their comments, recorded during the journey home:

Dan, 13, felt a real link to the past when he was at Gallipoli.  

For Tom, 13, the history only made sense when he learnt about it away from the classroom.

For Jake, 16, the trip to Gallipoli opened his eyes to the horror of war, and the conviction that it must never happen again.

Gemma, 13, realises that if someone who was dear to her died today, that person should be remembered 100 years on.

In the war cemeteries at Gallipoli, Connie, aged 16, had to force herself to see each grave as an actual person.

Ava, 13, was struck by the men who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

For Adam, 17, from Gosport, this was his first time out of the UK – like most of the soldiers who signed up to fight in ‘Kitchener’s Army’.

Grace, 17, met Turkish students in Canakkale, and found out that life in Turkey was not quite as she had expected.

Grace, 17, wonders if Gallipoli really was a ‘gentleman’s war’.  

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