The Campaign

This section picks up questions for discussion with your students, rather than providing an outline of the Campaign.  You can find historical outlines on our Useful links page, and the useful ‘On this day’ account of the Campaign can be found here.

However a good starting point is this excellent 7 minute video introduction to the Gallipoli Campaign by historian Dan Snow.


The Gallipoli Campaign has raised many questions

Was it a bad idea in the first place? Was it ‘Churchill’s blunder’? If it was planned as a naval operation, could this have succeeded? Why did the land campaign fail? Was it down to poor leadership, the geography, the climate, disease? Why did the Turks prevail? How much of the ‘bad press’ was actually due to the news reporters?

What was unique about the Campaign? It was a combined invasion, involving all three services working together for the first time. It was the first time submarines were used effectively by the Allies. The evacuation was recognised – even by the enemy – as a brilliant operation.  And what about the legacy of the Campaign? Did it change world history?

This section explores some of these questions.