Soldiers’ stories

Behind the strategy and the tactics are thousands of stories of real people, and for every one of them it was a different experience. This section looks at Gallipoli from a more personal angle. 

Kobi Watson wearing his grandfather's medals at Anzac Cove 25.4.2015

Family histories of soldiers at Gallipoli

Charlie Chrisp's grave in Green Hill Cemetery (photo: R. Clutterbuck)

A visit from an old comrade

Quintinshill_rail_disaster burnt out carriage Wikipedia cropped for thumbnail

Rail disaster on the way to Gallipoli

Hill 10 Cemetery, Gallipoli

What happened to the dead?


Horace Martyr with his medals

An Australian hero: Horace Clyde Martyr

Lilian Doughty-Wylie detail for thumbnail

Were there any women at Gallipoli?

A British soldier is wished farewell by his mother. © IWM (Q 30407)

The families they left at home

Lucas portrait square

The Officer: General Cuthbert Lucas

Soldier Boys book cover image cropped for thumbnail

Why did they go to war?

A French soldier carrying a wounded comrade. Wikipedia

What happened if you were wounded?

Harry Biles portrait square

The Family Man: Harry Biles

Recruitment © IWM (Q 30069) cropped for thumbnail

What was it like when they joined up?

Turkish prisoners of war behind barbed wire after the Third Battle of Krithia 4th June1915. IWM Q 13254

What happened if you were captured?