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The Officer

Brigadier-General Cuthbert H. T. Lucas was one of a very small number of officers who saw the whole Campaign through from start to finish, while most others were either killed, wounded or fell sick. His diaries and letters were found in an old wooden chest of drawers by Steve Warburton, husband of Lucas’ granddaughter. Steve has transcribed them all and posted them in a blog, Gallipoli: First In and Last Out. Here, Steve tells us about Cuthbert Lucas, as a man, an officer and a son. It’s a fascinating insight into what officers were like at that time, and how
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Family histories

All over the world people are exploring their family history and publishing it online. If your ancestor went to Gallipoli please send us some information about your research. A soldier’s voice If you’d like to hear one of the soldiers speak, there’s a recording of 24 year old Private Henry Miller Lanser here.  It was made in Egypt, before he went to Gallipoli and sent back to his family in Sydney, Australia.  Henry Miller Lanser survived Gallipoli, although he was wounded twice, but was killed two years later in France.  How precious this recording must have been for his family.    
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