Gallipoli: Sharing our stories

V Beach, Gallipoli

Turkish memorial near V Beach

Suvla Bay, site of the landings of August 1915

A soldier’s diary, 1915

The naval bombardment, from a French magazine of 1915

Today there is still plenty of evidence of the gruelling trench warfare at Gallipoli

Looking west to Suvla Bay

Looking east towards Helles

The Lancashire Fusiliers on their way to the landings of 25th April 1915

The King’s Own Scottish Borderers at the Third Battle of Krithia, 4th June 1915

Just after sunset at Helles, the southern tip of the Gallipoli peninsula

The Gallipoli peninsula on a 1915 map produced for the public at home

The Dardanelles Strait looking east towards Asia

Atatürk’s famous speech of reconciliation at Ari Burnu

Gallipoli Centenary
Education Project

The Gallipoli campaign was fought in a quiet corner of Turkey, but made the Great War into a World War. Today, people look back at the costly campaign with very different feelings – pride, shame, anger, sorrow – depending on which country they live in.  Through this exciting educational project, schools from all over the world are sharing their stories.  Join our conversation!

Watch the film and learn more

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